Roadtrip to Dallas Texas

fullsizeoutput_1f8fimg_5956fullsizeoutput_1f8dWe packed up the truck and left St. Louis around 10 am. A little later than planned due to my daughters car battery being dead and needing to be replaced. Chris, my husband drove the U-Haul and my daughters and I as well as Mika my daughters Boxer started our road to trip to Dallas.

It was an easy drive but quite long. As we approached Oklahoma I was starting to get hungry so we detoured off the highway and found a little place named Buttered Buns Cafe. It was pretty tasty and a little hidden gem.

Once we were all filled up on chicken tenders and salads, we proceeded on our venture towards Dallas.  Driving through Oklahoma seemed like it was never-ending. While we were on the highway, there was a sign that read ” Do not pick up hitch hikers they may be escaped criminals”.  What? Did I just read that? I have literally never seen that before. It was funny and scary at the same time as I pushed a bit harder on the gas. The weather was rainy and frigid. Almost all of the bridges had a sign that stated how slippery the bridges were and to be extremely careful. They must have been because there were accidents at almost every bridge.

Dallas! Finally! We arrived at 9pm safe and sound. We were so tired of driving all we wanted to do was go to the hotel and rest. We dropped off Vanessa at her new apartment and unloaded a few boxes from the truck and called it a night.

We stayed for four nights in Dallas and enjoyed every bit of it. Our hotel , the Canopy Uptown Dallas was in the heart of Uptown. We walked everywhere. There were scooters available on the streets, a simple app download is all you need to use them. There were many shops, including Kendra Scott which we visited I think three times. Untuck It, Lucky Brand, Banana Republic and many more. We frequented the restaurants some more than once because we enjoyed them so much. Baboush, a Mediterranean restaurant was at the top of the list. They had delicious appetizers of hummus, olives, pita and lamb. They also had my husbands favorite- Hookah! Sitting out in the evening drinking, eating and having hookah, what a great time we had. We also enjoyed Public School 214, it is a cool gastropub that looks like the inside of an old school with delicious craft cocktails and great appetizers. The crispy buffalo cauliflower was our fave.

All in all we had a great time. We will go back to visit because my daughter Vanessa lives there now.  We flew home to Saint Louis after our visit. It was a quick hour and a half flight.


Uniworld’s Fleet

Uniworld Exterior pic

Uniworld has an amazing fleet of ships. Each one has a uniqueness of it own. I thought I would share with you the names of the ships and the rivers they travel. There are many different itineraries available even Generation cruises which is geared towards families with  children. What better way to expose your children to the different countries and what they have to offer. Uniworld has impeccable service and attention to detail and has been voted #1 River cruise line. Take a look here to see which itinerary suits you best.


S.S. Joie de Vivre – Seine River

S.S. Maria Teresa – Rhine, Main & Danube Rivers

S.S. Catherine – Seine & Rhone Rivers

S.S. Antoinette – Rhine River

S.S. Beatrice – Danube River

River Queen – Danube, Main, Moselle & Rhine Rivers

River Royale – Garonne & Dordogne Rivers

River Countess Venice Lagoon & Po River

River Duchess – Rhine, Main & Danube Rivers

River Empress – Rhine, Danube & Main Rivers

River Princess – Danube & Rhine Rivers

Queen Isabel – Douro River


River Tosco – Nile River

Vietnam and Cambodia-

Mekong Navigator – Mekong River


Ganges Voyager ll – Ganges River


River Victoria – Volga River


Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer – Yangtze & Li Rivers

Sunny California

bus beside building
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My husband and I are taking a short trip to visit my family in California and I couldn’t be more happy to be on this plane right now.

The week was hectic and The weather started getting cooler. There was actually a thunderstorm at 2:30 am when we were heading to the airport.

When we arrive in Los Angeles it should be warm and sunny, ahhhh.

We are on Southwest Airlines and surprisingly there are only 63 people on this flight. Lots of room today.

Tonight we will be staying at The Pacific Edge Hotel in Laguna Beach. Our room is right on the sand and we can hear the ocean waves throughout the night. Total bliss. I will post pics of our room with the view.

Happy Travels,


Hello Travelers!

ferris wheel and ship
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This was the most amazing trip I have travelled. We just got back in town a few days ago from one of the most memorable trips my husband and I have taken so far. We went on the Uniworld river cruise out of Bordeaux France. It was amazing. We met so many wonderful people , learned about how they make wine and visited several chateaus. We even had lunch at one of them.The weather was great, we visited many different little towns in France, walked along the cobblestone streets and shopped in the cute little shops. The food was delicious on and off the boat. We will go again but most likely to a different part of Europe so we can experience a new city.- jasmine